12 Hairstyles That Prove Headbands Are the Best Hair Accessory

Blair Waldorf who?

12 Hairstyles That Prove Headbands Are the Best Hair Accessory

It's no secret that here at Who What Wear, we love a good hair accessory. Whether we're talking about clips, barrettes, ribbons, or scarves, they're the easiest way to elevate a hairstyle—any hairstyle, really. We mean it. Whenever our hair is looking rather, um, lackluster, we toss a hair accessory into it and we're out the door in five minutes flat. That's why we're always expanding our hair-accessory wardrobe. We never know when we'll need a little extra help.  

The easiest and perhaps most classic hair accessory we reach for is the humble headband. While it's often associated with a preppy, Upper East Side look à la Blair Waldorf, it can actually suit myriad styles and aesthetics. There's a look for '90s supermodel hair enthusiasts, red carpet replicators, people with short hair, braids, and more. Need proof? We got you. Keep scrolling to see 12 of the best headband hairstyles, from influencers, celebrities, and expert hairstylists.  

Remember how we said there was a headband style for '90s supermodel hair enthusiasts? Here it is. All you need is a thin black headband to accentuate a voluminous blowout (and we must say, even though it gives us '90s vibes, it's actually quite timeless). And while a black blazer and gold hoops aren't necessary, they're highly encouraged. 

The second we saw this picture, which Kendall Jenner posted back in 2019, it went directly into our Saved photos on Instagram. We love Bella Hadid's ultra-wide headband and the way it pushes back her long locks. The key to this look, in our opinion, is the undone texture. 

Leave it to Ariana Grande to take a simple headband and make it look ultra glamorous and '60s-inspired. This style is all about volume and bounce, which is why we recommend reaching for a volume spray like the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray ($15). 

If you're a loyal supporter of the Blair Waldorf aesthetic, this look is the one for you. Simply place a classic headband over shiny barrel curls. If it's not broken, don't fix it, right? 

This is proof that a high ponytail plus a thin, negative-space headband is the equation for a chic hairstyle. By the way, this headband is the Lelet NY Vera Crystal Headband ($218). 

A hair scarf counts as a headband, right? We think so. Elsa Hosk models a perfectly modernized '60-inspired look with her multicolored hair scarf. To replicate this look, you'll need to spritz a product like the Amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray ($25) through your mid-lengths and ends to get similar, effortless-looking volume. 

Gabrielle Union-Wade debuted this iconic headband hairstyle (where else but) in Paris. While we love a simple headband, there's something to be said about a maximalist moment. 

Speaking of maximalist moments, hairstylist Justine Marjan posted this gorgeous example of her work that was made complete by a ruffled ribbon-like headband. We love the juxtaposition of the bold hair accessory with the simplicity of the low ponytail. 

Also from Marjan, this look on Ashley Graham is more proof that sometimes the best headband hairstyles are also the most simplistic. To replicate this look, slick your hair back in a low bun and top it with a jeweled headband. It's simple yet statement-making. 

Who can forget this red carpet look from Hailey Bieber? Every aspect of this look is perfect—the eyeliner, the gold hoops, the black headband, and the teased volume at the crown. 

Jessica Alba gives us another example of a red carpet–appropriate headband. Hers, like Gabrielle Union-Wade's, is bold and pearl-encrusted. We're obsessed. 

Our last example comes courtesy of Rowan Blanchard. She accessorizes her chic pixie cut with what looks like a padded velvet headband (it's only one of our favorite types of headbands). 

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