Banana Republic Is in Its Cool-Girl Era: 28 Pieces Currently in My Cart

Kendall Jenner would be so proud.

Banana Republic Is in Its Cool-Girl Era: 28 Pieces Currently in My Cart

Just like the rest of the Gen Z fashion crowd, TikTok is my go-to source for all things trends and style. Sure, I get inspiration from the runways and my favorite celebrities, but the real magic happens on the clock app. This month's conversation the teens are partaking in? Banana Republic, the glossy retailer associated with the mid-2000s, is back, and frankly, much better than it's ever been. 

Over the last few years, brands our mothers used to shop at have made a surprising comeback amongst millennials and Gen Z. Take J. Crew and Puma, whose recent appointments of younger, trendier female CEOs have injected their respective brands with some good 'ol saccharine energy, revitalizing labels who haven't seen this much buzz in years. Banana Republic is the latest re-emerging retailer to enter the mix, with edgy, Western-inspired flares and styles that will convert any cool girl. If everyone's favorite horse girl Kendall Jenner is on your mood board, Banana Republic has you covered. Only time will tell how much footing Banana Republic is going to gain over the next few months, but based on the number of items sold out this month already, I wouldn't be surprised if it continues to take off for the rest of the year.

Below, shop all of the best Banana Republic pieces I did while on a deep-dive of the site's new offerings and best-sellers section. Happy shopping!

Starting the list off strong with this olive-colored number.

I'll say it once and never again: Buy your Bermuda shorts now, as they're spring 2023's sleeper trend.

These olive cargo pants are surprisingly versatile when paired with an oat-colored long sleeve— a favorite of certified cool girl, Matilda Djerf.

A fun, modern version of the classic men's button-down silhouette is here for all of your spring outfit needs.

Hurry, this top is on sale and I don't think it'll last!

Calling all cowgirls.

This dress plus cowboy or riding boots is outfit perfection.

I'm adding this to my cart as we speak.

This chocolate button-down is an updated take on breezy dressing.

The anti-skinny jean trend would like a word.

Tall friends, you won't be disappointed by this find.

Cardigans are a big player in spring 2023 trends.

These jeans being under $100 is an absolute steal.

The feather print on this breezy dress feels so fresh for the spring.

Haven't you heard? Prep is back.

Muscle tanks are lowkey making a comeback, thanks to Tumblr-era dressing.

If you can't tell yet, Banana Republic makes the best jeans.

This year is the year of the midi and maxi skirt, hands down.

Imagine this dress with a pair of your favorite tall boots and a structured handbag.

BRB, adding these to my Coachella wishlist ASAP.

A no-frills tank that's beyond easy.

Angular jewelry is so in RN.

This top looks so expensive for being only $50.

Every western cool girl needs a sleek, leather belt to pair with jeans.

The bat wing sleeves on this sweater are beyond chic.

I can already imagine the compliments you'd get in these.

I'll leave you with my favorite piece of all.

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