Anthropologie Is Looking Really Good Right Now—These 27 Finds Should Be Viral

Featuring TikTok's favorite handbag.

Anthropologie Is Looking Really Good Right Now—These 27 Finds Should Be Viral

Anthropologie is usually my first stop for decor needs (I can't resist their mugs and eclectic candle holders) but lately, it's their clothing and accessories that has been drawing my attention. While the brand is known for it's bohemian-chic aesthetic, they've recently curated a more versatile collection by adding modern and trendier pieces into the mix. The first find that caught my eye was the $128 braided slouchy tote bag that hit virality on TikTok. Soon, I found myself many pages deep into the new arrivals section with a growing wishlist. Think free-flowing dresses, statement jewelry, and more expensive-looking handbags.

Below, I curated a selection of finds from Anthropologie that I think deserve your attention.It is almost spring, so it makes for the perfect excuse to shop a little. You might even up getting them first before their popularity reaches the masses. Keep scrolling to be ahead of the curve.

Team maxi skirts forever.

You don't need another black bag, but you may want to consider adding a color to the mix.

Anthropologie's jewelry selection is a trending topic amongst us editors.

Make the whole place shimmer.

Copy and paste this whole outfit and you're good to go.

Meet the bag grasping everyone's attention.


I didn't think I needed a pair of parachute pants, but this look convinced me otherwise.

This color is definitely speaking to me.

Everyone needs a pair of staple trousers in their wardrobe. 

Silver is the color of the moment right now.

The cool way to do florals this season.

Bad hair day? Throw your hair up in a bun with this scrunchie and no one will ever know.

I can't tell which color I want—pale blue, pink stripes, or tangerine.

According to our color report, these pants will have you right on trend.

All you need is a pair of frilly socks.

See above.

No boring earrings in 2023.

Belts can take the simplest of outfits to another level.

I know this is a beauty item, but I just tried out Phlur's scents and it's been life changing. If you're already shopping, don't be afraid to add this to your cart as well.

Got a special occasion coming up? This clutch will come in handy.

We all have black and white dresses sitting in our closet so why not switch things up a bit?

No, we will not stop talking about rosettes.

The bigger and brighter the bag, the better.

I'll be packing this for my next vacation.

Because you are the art.

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