Reunited Migrant Families Left Homeless

Families reunited under President Joe Biden face limited resources, overextended relatives and no support.

At least a third of migrant families separated at the border during the Donald Trump administration and reunited in the U.S. so far under President Joe Biden were homeless initially, reports Axios. As the number of reunions grows, such homelessness rates have the potential to significantly strain non-governmental organizations already plagued by limited resources. Some 41 family reunifications have been completed on Biden’s watch. With an estimated 2,100 families still separated, that’s too small a sample to gauge with certainty the extent of the housing needs moving forward. But sources said it could put the rate of those in need at anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent.

Relatives in the U.S. or foster families who’ve been taking care of separated kids have not necessarily had room for whole families. Advocates are pressing for more government assistance — financial and in the form of social services case managers — even as they pull together private resources to fund emergency housing needs for families.